The Enigma of the Body

Originally published in Finding Lila Magazine, 7 April 2015.

“My concern is…about the body and its enigmatic nature, its secrets. There is no end to it. So my question is not about dance. But when I think of the body there are hundreds of things simultaneously …cascading down my head. The geometry of the body, this fantastic geometry, the triangle… the ratika in the body, sensuality in the body, sexuality in the body, spirituality in the body, all living together.”

Sharira - Chandralekha’s Explorations in Dance

Chandralekha (1928 - 2006), the pioneering dancer and choreographer, perfectly expresses in the above statement the power and mystery of the dancer’s body during the performance of dance and from which the dancer’s unique expression of physicality, sensuality and individuality cannot be removed. 

Dance costumes. Bells. Ghungroos. Tahias. Whilst essential to the art, these items can sometimes feel like an encumbrance or a mask for the dancer. For Finding Lila’s latest photo documentary we aimed to capture the enigma alluded to by Chandralekha by presenting the dance and the dancer with utmost simplicity.  Model/ dancer: Nibedita Satpathy | Photography and words: Niroshini Somasundaram

S. Niroshini